Residential Services!

We clean your house.
We clean your house.
We clean your apartment.
We clean your apartment.
We clean your condo.
We clean your condo.
We clean your bathrooms.
We clean your bathrooms.
We clean your bedrooms.
We clean your bedrooms.
We clean your kitchen; BIG...
We clean your kitchen; BIG...
or small
or small
We clean your whole house!
We clean your whole house!


  • Recurring services have the same worker & the same day.

You know who is cleaning your home; the worker really gets to know you and your home & how you like it!

  • You will receive a reminder call prior to your cleaning.
  • We bring our supplies & equipment.
  • We provide helpful household hints.
  • We are sensitive to allergies.
  • We love our seniors!

We take special care of our seniors &  handicapped.

  • We are pet friendly!!

Routine Clean

During our regular routine,  we work our way through your house, room-by-room (kitchen, utility/mud room, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, dining room, den/family/play rooms, offices,  study, staircases, halls & foyer, etc.):


We begin in your bathroom(s):

  • Thoroughly clean each surface; remove soap scum, mildew & water stain in shower & bathtub areas
  • Clean the inside & out of tub, sink & commode, including tank & base
  • Clean the vanity & everything on the vanity, such as the soap dish, bottles & toothbrush holder
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Sweep floor, wash it well and, when dry, sweep it again
  • Shake out & replace your little rugs

In bedrooms, other rooms, halls & foyer:

  • Dispose of all trash
  • Wipe ceilings & walls for cobwebs
  • Clean frames & glass of all mirrors & pictures
  • Wipe windowsills
  • Dust/polish each piece of furniture and – not just the tops – front, sides & legs too
  • Pick up & dust everything on the furniture
  • Sweep vent returns


  • Hardwood – sweep, damp mop & sweep again; bend rugs back & sweep under them too
  • Tile/linoleum – sweep , wash well & sweep again
  • Carpets – vacuum thoroughly; move light items (e.g., dining room chairs, ottomans, baskets), to vacuum as much of the carpet surface as we can

When we get to your kitchen, we clean:

  • Outside of all appliances
  • Inside of the microwave
  • Counter tops & back splash
  • Items on your counters (e.g., canisters, coffee maker, toaster)
  • Sink & detail around sink
  • Thoroughly wash floor

Move In / Move  Out

We leave your home in perfect condition for showing, ready for move-in!!


We clean:

  • Ceiling fans & Light fixtures
  • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings and walls
  • Clean all window frames, doors & door frames, woodwork, switch plates & baseboards
  • Clean shelving, baseboards & floors inside closets
  • Sweep, mop, sweep floors (hardwoods, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl, etc.)
  • Vacuum all carpeting, including all room edges


  • Remove all soap scum, mildew & water stain from tile & grout, glass, chrome & detail edging
  • Clean inside & out of tubs, sinks, commode – tank and base too
  • Clean inside & out of medicine cabinet & vanity – cabinets, drawers


  • Inside & out of all cabinets & drawers
  • Counter-tops & back-splash
  • Inside & out of all appliances: refrigerators, cook-tops & ovens – remove each piece, clean & replace

Special Requests

Inside of kitchen appliances (ovens, refrigerator)

Clean & organize pantry, utility rooms, etc.

Detailed cleaning after construction

If you don't see what you want listed here....

Deep Clean

Our Deep Clean, also called a ‘Seasonal Clean’ include all items in Routine Clean:


  • Ceiling fans
  • Light fixtures that hang down (not flush to the ceiling)
  • Blinds & shutters; window frames
  • Doors & door frames
  • Baseboards
  • Other woodwork
  • Light switches
  • Outside of kitchen cabinets, outside of bathroom vanities
  • Edges of wall-to-wall carpeting, next to baseboards

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